Cat Litter Mat

Keep your house clean by keeping kitty litter from all over the house with the innovative trap litter mat.

This Double-Layer Cat Litter Mat by Wandsworthmall has unique 3D bumps that trap and clean litter from the cat's paws, preventing litter scatters outside of the mat.

This litter mat is designed for a one entry cat litter box. It effectively covers the entry area, and the arch edge cutout slides under many litter boxes on the market.


  • Large hole mesh, collecting falling sand.
  • Nylon link, easy dismantling.
  • Whole body washable, easy to clean.
  • Edge design, stylish and practical.

The heavy-duty EVA rubber foam is safe, non-toxic, and completely pet-friendly. 

Each size mat supports all types of cat litter, including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat, and pellets!


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