Dog Harness

Most comfortable, safe, strong, and stylish harness for better control.

It was developed on the basis of the research of dog body structure, this will not affect the growth of your loved dogs.

The outer material is durable and easy to clean. And the inner pad is very soft and can absorb sweat. It is for pets of all sizes and breeds.

This multi-purpose harness has an easy-grab handle provides high-level of control for exciting pets and also a ring for attaching a leash or chain.


  • Convenient to use daily - quick-release buckle
  • For a stronger grip - it has a heavy duty stitched handle
  • Provides custom fit - adjustable straps around chest and neck
  • Safety is ensured - reflective threads in webbings to make sure your dog's safety at night

Made for dogs with chests up to 36 inches, this dog harness can accommodate dogs of many different sizes and its materials will ensure that your dog is comfortable regardless of the season or the outside temperature.

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