Balls For Pets

It’s time to choose some Pet Toy Balls for your lovely pets to keep them healthy and happy. Chew it and Chase it and Love it! 

This pet toy is not only for play or fun. It helps to clean the teeth, massage gums and tongue, reducing dental plaque.

Exercises the teeth and the little nubbins on the bone help clean the teeth of plaque.

It’s soft and unique surface helps them clean their denture while keeping their gums healthy. Let’em grind and clean!


  • This toy ball is absolutely safe for your pet: made of Non-Toxic soft safety rubber material.
  • Unique design with holes allows your dog to enjoy its favorite treats as it chews.
  • Can be used as dog fetch play balls for outdoor games.
  • Item has hole drilled through center, You can use the pet toy ball play with your pet pals, promoting bond between you and your pets, also help pets' intelligence improving

It keeps your pet busy for hours. Available in six different colors.